Skin is the largest human organ that provides information about the environment to the human organism. These information are gathered by millions of tiny specialized nerve endings – receptors that are built into the skin and that   feel touch pressure, warmth, cold, pain, humidity etc. There are small glands of different types inn the skin. One of these types that prevent infections are the sebaceous glands producing the fat that keep the skin surface elastic and water resistant. There are also sweat glands that release liquid (sweat), which cools the body when it’s hot. Temperature regulation is contributed by small blood vessels in the skin, which spread and lose warmth and are the reason why we look kindled in warm weather. In cold weather these veins become contracted to keep the warmth, and that is why we look pale.

Skin is also one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body. Both because its size and variety of functions it performs and because of the fact we often expose it to extreme outer conditions. Underwear is firstly one of the goods made by human knowledge and skill in order to help the skin fulfill its functions (warming/cooling the body, protection from sun, rain, airiness of the body…). But there are some bad, very bad and even harmful types of underwear that is produced, advertised and used for various reasons, as it is the case with the majority of other positive achievements of mankind. The usual reasons are fashion trends, aesthetics, erotics and other kinds of short-termed pleasure of high intensity.

Underwear, depending on its type and purpose, can cover even more than 95% of the skin. Due to such big and intensive direct contact with the skin, the choice of the right and healthy underwear is very important. To enable the skin to do its function correctly, in circumstances of usual, moderate rhythm of every-day life without exposing the skin to extreme conditions, it is desirable to use underwear produced solely from organic natural materials based on raw materials such as wool, silk, cotton, and other cellulose fibers. In that way we provide the best functionality of the skin,  prevent injuries prolong its health and stop appearance of diseases of other organs that can happen because of exaggerated and intensive use of underwear made of bad synthetic fibers.

To help the skin perform its function as well as possible even in extreme circumstances, that is to say to protect it as much as possible in such situations, it is necessary to use the underwear that has special protective features, adjusted to particular conditions. Because of that it is important to know that there is underwear that has such features.

Galeb produces a  few types of  functional underwear that can be put into three groups:

  • Underwear with improved control over wet produced by human body (sweat)
  • Underwear with improved control produced by human body, that is to say better regulation of outer climate influences to human organism
  • Underwear with improved protection from fire, heat attack and gathering of static electricity

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