Since the beginning of its operating in 1951 the producer Galeb used at presentation of its products the factory logo, as also the entire production assortment was marketed under the Galeb brand. In the past closed market system Galeb was reputed as the untouchable ruler of the market, in particular of men underwear.

In the first decade of the 21st Century we realized that unclearly defined presentation of brands and nondivision of the factory logo Galeb from the logo of Galeb brand led to confusing the market, but also to mistakes in production processes. Due to the stated reasons in the year 2006 we approached rebranding of the production assortment of Galeb. In that process differentiation was made between the producer Galeb and the products under the brand Galeb.

Characteristics of brand Galeb are:

  • basic brand
  • articles of classic cut and simple design (includes underwear, outerwear and nightwear)
  • mostly only cotton knitted fabrics
  • designed for mature and serious buyers

You can see some of the typical Galeb brand’s products in the gallery below.

Galeb functional underwear

Keeping up with the latest trends when it comes to following the market and satisfying customer needs, Galeb created a special sub-line of functional underwear. To help the skin perform well in extreme conditions, this kind of underwear has to have special protection features. Galeb produces a few types of functional underwear which can be put into three groups:

  • underwear with improved control over wet produced by human body (sweat)
  • underwear with improved thermo regulative features, that is to say better protection from outer influences
  • underwear with improved protection from fire and heat attack

You can find out more information about our sub-lines in our brochure.