By the end of 1980 of the 20th century Galeb production assortment introduces the sub-line Adriatic as the reply to the market needs for better quality products of more fashionable cuts. During the 90-ties of 20th century the Adriatic line took over even larger portion in sale of Galeb production assortment.

With time, through defining brand standards and developing product range, the Adriatic sub-line grew into our best-selling and well-accepted brand, with clear characteristics and visual identity.

Characteristics of Adriatic brand:

  • independent brand composed of men and woman program (takes over articles from Adriatic and Adriana line)
  • includes underwear and outerwear
  • part of knitted fabric contains elastan fibers and/or viscose fibers, whereas the basic knitted fabric still remains to be based on natural materials
  • the upper quality level of offer in comparison with competition, but also in comparison with other brands of the company
  • target group are active and energetic women and men having high requirements primarily with regard to comfort, functionality and quality, but who do not give up specific requests for esthetics

You can see some of Adriatic brand’s products in the gallery below.