Galeb is the company established on 30th October 1951 connecting already for over 50 years the tradition with trends in order to satisfy the needs and preferences of its clients and to enter the hearts of the new ones.

During years of gaining experience and endeavoring to satisfy clients’ needs in all age groups Galeb created within its production program the following product brands: Galeb, Adriatic and GLB.

All three brands have their basic collections (NOS) and are presented twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter) through seasonal collections. The basic collection consists of articles in basic colors (most often white and black) for which the market expresses continuous interest. The basic collection represents the majority portion of sale within the total sale of Galeb assortment. Through its seasonal collections Galeb steps forward to following world fashion trends. In that way we are making efforts to always and again offer something new to our existing clients, whereas to give one reason more to potential new clients to become a part of the large family of the Galeb products’ users.

 Factors guaranteeing the satisfaction of our buyers and sustainability on the market are:

  • continuity of quality thanks to the integrality of the production process and strict control
  • production flexibility contributing to short time from request for certain product to its manufacture
  • regular market research and taking into consideration final buyers feedback
  • the own department for development of new products with the designer team regularly visiting most-famous trade fairs (Paris, Lyon) and having access to the internet database on world trends one year in advance.