Company Galeb d.d. in the B2B collaboration is able to offer the complete cycle, from development to delivery of the final amount of a product. Our expert departments are qualified to design and propose several variants of garments and make a complete technical documentation on the basis of input information about the needs and requirements of the customer.

In the case of purchasing a complete uniform, it is important to emphasize that the design of the garment always take into account all items of clothing, which potential customer plans to order. This approach provides the beneficiary compatibility between all items of uniform.

After the presentation of the proposal, next step is the sample/prototype development.

In our own resources we have a variety of knitting machines which cover a wide range of end-use capabilities of various materials. Textile finishing (bleaching, dyeing, softening, refining) is done on closed jet systems. Stabilization of knitwear is done on modern compactors which enables us a very good stability and durability of our fabrics which are continuously controlled by internal and external textile laboratories.

The plant is equipped with modern clothing and equipment programs for modeling and tailoring. Over 100 sewing machines provide a variety of quality stitching. Confidence in our products is guaranteed by our responsibility and world-class certificates earned by years of investing in quality throughout the company.