Omiš has a long industrial tradition. The first industrial plants, cement factory in Ravnice and factory in Dugi Rat were built upon putting the hydropower plant Kraljevac to operation, back in 1912. After the First World War there are ten industrial plants, most of them united in the “Industrial community”, founded in 1921. Beginnings of textiles production relate to rope and driftnet factories, and later formed canvas factory. Based upon this industrial tradition, in 1951 Galeb d.d. was formed.

First machines were supplied by “Nada Dimić” factory from Zagreb nad MTČ from Čakovec, and part of the professional staff has come from these factories. In the beginning the production program was not specialized – along with the garment production in Omiš, Zadvarje facility produced textile tapes. Complete orientation and specialization for underwear production came in early 60-ies of 20th century.

In the beginning of the 70-ies Lisičina facility was built, where knitwear production was moved, along with the modernization of technological process. Galeb d.d. then becomes practically the most important underwear producer in the former Yougoslavia. Difficult economic situation in the former Yugoslavia in the eighties of the last century were an obstacle to the full relocation to location “Lisičina.” During that time business focus shifted to export, which was especially important because of the subsequent decay of former  “Yugoslav market.”

During the war in Galeb d.d. has been operating successfully in spite of very difficult circumstances, and in this period, exports almost 85% of its production. Tourist activity is developing since 2000. when Galeb d.d. took over “Ribnjak” camp. Camp “Ribnjak” was founded in 1974 in a unique location in the mouth of the River Cetina, at the pond of count Kulmer from 19th century. Since the beginning of operation, the camp was a significant tourism entity of the wider region and the backbone of Omis tourism. After the war and depressing 90-ies, in 2000 Galeb d.d. takes over the camp, change its name and breaths in the new life to the camp with numerous investments and new projects, all in accordance with the latest fashion trends in camping tourism.


In the present, actually in the last 15 years, Galeb is intensively working to offer new models through the development of its collections to the existing portfolio as well as to expand the range of outdoor and swimwear. Over the years of gaining experience and efforts to meet the needs of customers in all age groups, Galeb has created three brands: Galeb, Adriatic and GLB.

All three brands have their basic collections (NOS) and are presented twice a year (spring/summer and autumn/winter) through seasonal collections. The basic collection consists of articles in basic colors (most often white and black) for which the market expresses continuous interest. The basic collection represents the majority portion of sale within the total sale of Galeb assortment. Through its seasonal collections Galeb steps forward to following world fashion trends. In that way we are making efforts to always and again offer something new to our existing clients, whereas to give one reason more to potential new clients to become a part of the large family of the Galeb products’ users.

When selecting raw materials, Galeb only works with reputable suppliers of European origin, which results in a product that meets the highest quality and environmental standards. From the February of 2007, we are proud bearers of Croatian quality label, awarded by Croatian Chamber of Economy. As a confirmation of high ecological standards of raw materials used in  manufacturing process, knitwear and final products, Galeb owns the Oeko-Tex certificate, awarded by the best known institute for quality certification in Germany,  Textil-Service-Verglas-und Zertifizierungsstelle from Hohenstein. Every year product samples are sent to the Institute to ensure quality and to prolong validity of the certificate.

Foundation for the future

The team of experts, starting from an idea, visual realization of a designer team, technological adjustment and realization of production, over visual identity and final way to the buyer, contributes to preserving and improvement of the quality of our products, which manifests through quality of manufacturing, buyers’ satisfaction and constant care of influence on environment.

Factors that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and the viability of the market are:

  • Continuity of quality due to the integrity of the manufacturing process and control
  • Production flexibility, which contributes a short time of the request for a specific product to its manufacture,
  • Regular market research and consideration of feedback from end customers.
  • Own department for new product development and design who regularly uses the information in databases that provides information on trends in the world market a year ahead.
  • The introduction and implementation of 20 keys

In 2010 Galeb won the prestigious Best Buy Award in the category of men’s underwear. This award means that Galeb is named number one for price-quality ration in its category. We are proud to be the only firm from Dalmatia which have the right to use the Best Buy logo, among 300 companies who won the award.

Due to current recession, customers today are more than ever looking to get more for their money, as their decision depends even more on that ratio. More than ever, in the current recession (and post-recession) time that ratio is frequently the decision maker in customer behavior.

Best Buy Award certificate focuses on the most significant question for today’s buyer – “What product(s) offer me the best quality for an acceptable amount of money?

Basic goal of the Best Buy Award research and certificate is to enable easy recognition of product(s) and services that offer the best quality for an acceptable amount of money to the Croatian customers. Company can be given the Best Buy Award only if their brand, product or service is acknowledged in Gfk agency research to offer the best price-quality ratio on the market.

For the past five years, Galeb has been investing a lot on the development of retail network, along with the standardizing the look & feel of Galeb stores.

Today, camp Galeb is recognized as one of the leading Dalmatia’s camps. The prestigious title of “Best Croatian camps”, awardeb by Croatian Camping Association is one of the proofs of quality and sustainable tourism product. Apart from accommodation in a fully equipped camping plots with water, electricity, sewer and internet, guest can enjoy mobile homes located directly on the sandy beach.

Inside the camp, there are sports facilities – tennis court, football on artificial grass, volleyball and  beach handball heme amusement park Dinopark, numerous facilities on the beach (animation program, jet skis, boats, bikes, trampoline, etc.) as well as two restaurants with a rich cuisine.


For decades we are creating clothes, in accordance with time and nature, for those who choose only the premium.


Galeb store in every city, happiness on the faces of all our stakeholders.






Social responsibility






Social sensitivity


For the future, Galeb knitwear is developing a new range of specialty products for smaller segments of consumers. These are:

  • Anti-allergy program (Bio cotton) is intended for people with allergies, skin problems and limb dysfunction
  • Functional underwear, designed for people who work in particularly difficult conditions such as fire fighters, military police, and all those exposed to low temperatures, or large variations in temperature. Under this segment, Galeb has developed three different programs in male and female underwear: underwear with improved perspiration absorption, thermo regulative underwear, low flamable and inflammable underwear.
  • Under functional underwear, as a segment with high market potential we have developed sports underwear made of polypropylene, designed for athletes and all those who sweat due to physical activity, this underwear enables quick transfer of moisture from the skin and ensures that it stays wet-free.
  • When it comes to developing collections, Galeb plans to maintain continuity in monitoring trends in lingerie and boosting the development of outdoor clothing range.

Galeb plans following investment projects:

  • Construction of a new factory on the site Gata Business Zone 2 in Omis with integrated solar power boiler room 8-10 MWh.
  • Repurposing of existing sites in Omiš:

Location Priko – Lisicina where the current plant production twists will be reassigned in the housing  – business zone. By County Spacing Plan it is possible to to construct approximately 18,000 m2 of residential and business premises at the existing location.

Punta is the location where the current company headquarters garment facilities, warehouses, support services and offices of middle and senior management are placed. For over 20 years, the area is planned as a tourist zone   in all of Omiš’s county Spacing Plans, and is anticipated as the location for four or five-star hotel with capacity of 200 rooms.

  • Expanding the retail network in Croatia and beyond.

Camp Galeb will continue to monitor trends in modern camping industry, investing creative strength, knowledge and money to maximize the satisfaction of its guests, employees, and local community. Certainly the efforts in the years to come will be directed towards projects of raising the quality of residence, extending the season, and enriching the offer of content and services aimed at the local population.

Future investments in the camp are related to expansion of facilities within the camp and in the direction of lifting categorization (swimming pool, water park at sea, accommodation of mobile homes as well as introducing elements “glamping” – glamour camping).